Entry #1


2016-12-26 07:19:11 by ThaiRice

XYZ is out!

This is my first EP ever made. 

Special thanks to: 
- Fre3lezz (for featuring wY): goo.gl/rH3XX0 
- Reiner Silberstein (for helping me out with the cover): goo.gl/4xyuAZ


released December 24, 2016 

My social accounts: 

SC: soundcloud.com/ri2e 
Twitter: twitter.com/ThaiRice_o 
G+: plus.google.com/117615677756661595852 
Newgrounds: thairice.newgrounds.com 
Steam: steamcommunity.com/id/ThaiRice 

Thank you for listening to my music. 

To all of you who are a music producer! 
You can download the .flp data from splice on my profile:goo.gl/slFi8K


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